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VEGAN PICTURE BOOK: What’s good for the goose is not good for the panda

Patty Panda is hungry but doesn’t know what to eat. Luckily she meets lots of different animals who are happy to share their food, but still has trouble finding something that suits her.

This delightful rhyming story, written and illustrated completely in collage by Lavender Laine, teaches children that we are all different and what’s good for one is not necessarily good for someone else.

It might also inspire children to make art out of old odds and ends (such as left over yarn and buttons, paper cut from old magazines, fabric off-cuts, and food packaging etc) as Laine has done here, encouraging recycling and resourcefulness.

Format: Paperback 34 pages, colour interior, dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm, vegan children’s book suitable for reading with pre-school children and for older children to read alone.

£4.50 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer

Comments from the web:

“Such a wonderful story with wonderful illustrations 🙂 I have read it before, but it’s brilliant all over again 🙂 I love all the delightful illustrations and details, it is exquisite. It is very good for children to be inspired by how you can make a picture out of lots of different things. When I was a child we made pictures out of sweets. Very inspiring 🙂 And it has a great message, highlighting the fundamental differences between all the wonderful creatures.” WillowtheWhispy

“That story was fantastic 😀 ! I can’t believe all the ways Lavender Laine found to make pictures!! I love the one when she’s walking over the knitted hill, and the one with the blue sky made of postage stamps, and the one with the mushroom tortoise standing under the button manchineel tree, and the one where the panda and the tree are all knitted!! (I will stop listing them there, because I have so many favourites) Awesome. It’s like fantastic land. I also like the way the words are all cut out from magazines, it makes reading so much more fun!!” Egglantine


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