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We sell print editions of our vegan storybooks in our other bookshop, and many of our stories are free to read on the Violet’s Vegan Comics site, but this shop, here, the one you’re in right now, is selling PDF and EPUB downloads of our books in aid of LUV4ALL: Uganda, a vegan humanitarian-aid charity.

vegan humanitarian aid

But what is a vegan storybook? you may ask. Well, basically, it’s like any other storybook except the central characters – the heroes – are vegan 😀

How many times have you had your enjoyment of a good story spoilt when the heroes – the people you liked, the people you were rooting for – ate meat or went fishing or bought a leather jacket?

When these things happen in children’s stories they send a message – they tell the child that it’s okay to do these things. The good guys do it so it must be okay. It’s normal.

Well, vegan storybooks do not pretend it’s okay to use, abuse and consume animals. Vegan storybooks create a new normal.

So a vegan storybook is not necessarily about veganism. It is simply a story in which animal exploitation is not normalised.

As well as the vegan picture books for little ones, we have some exciting vegan adventure comics, some funny vegan short stories, and a book of vegan fairy tales for readers aged 8 and up. Excuse the constant repetition of the ‘V-word’ by the way, I know you don’t need to be told but, ya know, google does 😉

We even have a couple of vegan graphic novels for older readers 😮

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do, and don’t forget to subscribe because we’re adding more all the time. We just can’t help ourselves! 😀


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