Beans on Toast #1


Funny, old fashioned, vegan comic for kids aged 5 and up.


Beans on Toast: a new vegan comic for 21st century kids! Including ‘Marvellous Mildred and the Girl Scout Twins’ (a funny new animal-rescue adventure in the style of Penelope Pitstop); ‘Sherman & Geynes: Pretend Detectives’ (another funny story about a couple of imaginative boys who investigate mysteries of their own invention); and ‘What Me And Jude Did While Everyone Else Was At School’ (first chapter of the diary of a nine year old home-schooler). All this as well as a couple of puzzles in this old-fashioned, black and white, funny vegan comic by Miranda Lemon, for kids aged 5 and up.

One purchase buys you both the PDF and the EPUB formats of this comic.



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