Let the dogs out


Vegan graphic novel about a laboratory beagle’s escape, in his own words.  PDF and EPUB downloads.


The story of a laboratory beagle’s escape, Let the dogs out, by Violet Plum, is a powerful graphic novel for readers aged 12 and up.

Life inside a laboratory breeding facility is hard. The place is a factory. Living, breathing, thinking individuals are its products. These products are produced, modified and manipulated to order before being sent to customers who will subject them to even worse ordeals.

Is there any chance of escape from such a place? Almost never, but Hugo is the one-in-a-million who made it out. This is his story.

Let the dogs out is fiction.  Any resemblance to people, companies, circumstances or events in real life is not coincidental.

All images are hand-drawn and suitable for children 12 years and over.  Complete with happy ending.  Also included are detailed sources and information about how to help laboratory animals.

One purchase buys you both the PDF and EPUB formats of this book.



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