Little Chicken Book of Fairy Tales


A book of new vegan fairy tales, told in an old fashioned way.  PDF and EPUB downloads.


The Little Chicken Book of Fairy Tales contains four new stories in the classic fairy tale style. There’s one about a princess whose need to be popular makes her a little too eager to please, – there’s a wizard in that one! Then there’s the king whose three sons have to compete to win the throne by solving a crisis. There’s no wizard in that one. Then there’s the witch who rules the world, and the boy who makes a lot of wishes – there’s no wizard in those two either but there is a bit of magic. Vegan fairy tales! What fun!  These old fashioned stories by Violet Plum are a joy to read.  Suitable for reading to small children and for more confident readers to read alone.

One purchase buys you both the PDF and EPUB formats of this book.



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