Maddicts is a dark satirical thriller, a graphic novel set in 2027, for readers aged 12 and over.


The future is uncertain but the signs are there.  Centuries of mankind’s abuse of other species must be repaid sooner or later.  Even placid beasts have their snapping point.  And when every reasonable argument has failed to persuade the masses to pursue a kinder existence, what is a world to do?  Can it really be expected to sit back and watch its own annihilation?

What would happen if the animals got organised? What if the persecutors got what was coming to them? What if the natural world fought back? This, in a nutshell, is what Maddicts is about. Well, it’s part of what Maddicts is about, but we don’t want to give too much away. Maddicts is a dark satirical thriller by Violet Plum.  A graphic novel set in 2027. You’ll gasp. You’ll laugh. You’ll dread 2027.

Recommended for readers over 12 years.

One purchase buys you both the PDF and the EPUB formats of this book.



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