Megan & Flos: Beginnings


Vegan adventure comic for kids aged 8 and up, epub and pdf download.


Megan is a rather ordinary vegan girl who, purely by chance, meets Flos, a rather ordinary Summum Esse [that is, someone from the planet Summum]. Being a telepath, Flos knows right away that she can trust Megan and they very soon become devoted friends who will do anything for each other, and the planet. They are very clever; they are very determined; they are very compassionate. They are eco-warriors like no other. This is the first five episodes of their adventures together.

Megan & Flos: Beginnings is a bright, colourful, imaginative, old-fashioned children’s adventure comic, complete with factfiles about our solar system and Flos’s, and a short story about Volpars.  Don’t know what a Volpar is?  Buy this comic to find out 😀

Suitable for readers aged 8 and up.

One purchase buys you both the PDF and the EPUB format of this title.


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