Megan & Flos #6: Corruption


Vegan science fiction adventure comic for children aged 8 and up.


Episode 6 of the popular science fiction comic from Violet’s Vegan Comics.

Megan is from planet Earth.  Flos is from planet Summum.  Flos has telepathic and telekinetic powers and she has taught these to Megan.  In episode 6, something dodgy is going on at the local animal sanctuary and, if Megan and friends don’t put a stop to it, the consequences will be dire.

As soon as Megan returns home from her adventures in space in episode 5, she receives a plea for help from her next door neighbour who is a sanctuary volunteer.  She is worried about changes at the sanctuary that don’t make any sense.  Megan agrees to help with the investigation into the sanctuary’s new management which reveals something very sinister.

The Megan & Flos series of comics by Violet Plum is reminiscent of the dramatic and exciting children’s comics from the 1970s and 80s.  Recommended for children aged 8 and up. There’s also a wordsearch puzzle at the end.

One purchase buys you both the PDF and the EPUB formats of this book.



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