VEGAN COLOURING BOOK: Colour By Nutrients: A Plant-Based Colouring Book

This vegan colouring book for children can be enjoyed by adults too – colouring is a very relaxing and therapeutic activity for people of any age.

Full of nutritious food, Colour By Nutrients is at once a resource for artistic indulgence and an educational tool.

Divided into chapters of different vitamins and minerals, the book illustrates which foods contain significant amounts of each, and explains what those nutrients do for our bodies.

The authors are happy for teachers and parents to photocopy the colouring pages for use in the classroom. You can also download it for free here

All in all a delightful way to learn about nutrition. 😀

Format:  Paperback 120 pages, black and white interior, dimensions: 7.44 x 9.68 in / 189 x 246 mm, vegan colouring book, suitable for all ages.

£5.00 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer

Comments from the web:

“Just to let you know that I received my book today. It’s fabulous and my grandson is going to love it. Thank you so much!”Lesley

“Absolutely love the artistry here while educating children about veganism – It’s so important. Amazing work!”Cooking Green Goodness Magazine

“Thank you so so much for the amazing colouring book. I LOVE IT!!!! So educational and fun. Great way to teach.”Teacher Shaun


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Reflecto Girl: Beginnings

vegan superhero Reflecto Girl

Renee Gale was an ordinary girl when she inherited something from her grandma: an ancient Celtic mystical mirror – the Dounto (pronounced doon-toe). It had been passed down through the female line of her family for centuries. The Dounto has the power to reflect people’s misdeeds back onto them. So if Renee holds it in front of someone, whatever they are doing or about to do to someone else will happen to them. With the Dounto Renee is Reflecto Girl, saving all sorts of animals from all sorts of dangers and teaching their would-be abusers a lesson they won’t forget.

inside vegan children's book

Reflecto Girl: Beginnings is a colourful comicbook containing the first four exciting episodes of these vegan superhero stories. Complete with puzzle page, fact files, a colouring page and a paper doll to cut out, it is reminiscent of children’s comics from the 1970s and 80s. A bright and funny vegan adventure comic for readers aged 8 and up.

Format: Paperback 33 pages, colour interior, dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm, vegan children’s book suitable for ages 8 and up.

£4.00 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer


Comments from the web:

“Love this series 😀 Nuthing like girl power.”elvisp2014

“I love this!!! This is a brilliant story, I am glad to read it, looking forward to the next one.”annmogli

“Reflecto Girl is my hero! I’ve always felt so bad for lobsters as a little girl and wanted to do something about it. Too bad I didn’t have one of those nifty mirrors, lol.  You’re so creative, I love it.”Eva PoeteX


Violet's Vegan comics

Violet’s Vegan Comics creates funny, enlightening and sometimes action packed vegan children’s books for readers of all ages.

Established 2012