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VEGAN PICTURE BOOK: How many friends could a Bibbolybob make if a Bibbolybob came to Earth?

Wibbolywub is a Bibbolybob from planet Bobbolybib. He’s come to Earth for the day to find out about the different types of Earthlings and to make as many new friends as he can. You could help him count them.

This delightful early learning book introduces the numbers zero to ten and reveals some very interesting facts about Earthlings. It does so in the context of a lovely story of friendship between an alien being and the ten different animals he meets.

Colourfully illustrated with watercolour paintings, this vegan picture book is suitable for reading to pre-schoolers and for older children to read alone.

Format: Paperback 63 pages, colour interior, dimensions: 7.44 x 9.68 in / 189 x 246 mm, vegan children’s book suitable for reading with pre-school children and for older children to read alone.

£5.60 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer

Comments from the web:

“What a beautiful story! So sweet and happy and colourful, with great educational story. I love it!” ylsteirp21

“This is one of my favourite books and I think every child should have a copy. It has a heart-warming story of friendship, no matter what size, shape or species we may be. Very valuable book for developing a child’s perspective and world view, as well as showing a range of lovely wild animals. It has an overall message of kindness, love and peace. There is humour and fun and games in this story. It is one which can be read again and again. The text is clear for key stage one readers, and the illustrations are beautiful for the young, the old and everybody in between.” Doris

“Lovely story of love and friendship, it’s so colourful and the drawings are amazing. I will read it to the children for story time tomorrow.” Dee’s Childcare

“This is a really wonderful story, we all enjoyed it a lot. It has such beautiful illustrations and such a beautiful message of love and friendship. We especially liked it when they all played games together. It’s such a beautiful story.” Elvis2014

“This is a really great story, I loved it! I love all the wonderful illustrations and the cute animal characters. It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, with aliens. The paintings are really beautiful, I really enjoyed reading this story and I will read it to my children. I like the message that aliens would look at us and analyse us differently from the way we think they would and I like all the counting games they play together. It has a nice message of peacefulness across all species. A beautiful story.” The Lemon Paper Almanac


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