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Claudia is a helpful, enthusiastic, vegan girl scout and energetic animal rescuer.

Claudia is a devoted friend of Mildred’s, always eager to follow her and help save the animals from the dastardly evil villain, the Flat-Capped Menace. She likes bird watching, cooking vegan meals and cakes, and playing games with Gerty and Mildred.

Claudia Character Facts:


Claudia is good at cooking, mechanics and maths.

First Appearance:

In episode #1 of Marvellous Mildred and the Girl Scout Twins: Danger for Daisy Dewdrop by Violet’s Vegan Comics

Full Name:

Claudia Plover


Shopping list maker and animal rescuer

Base of Operations:


Related Characters:

Mildred, Gerty, The Flat-Capped Menace

Favourite Chocolate:

Plamil Vegan Salted Caramel Cocoabites

Vegan Comicbooks:

Beans on Toast #1

Beans on Toast #2

Available from:

Little Chicken


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Established 2012

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