Distracto Boy

George has always been a very self-sufficient person. He does not seek the approval of others and rarely gets it. A keen and amused observer, he mostly kept to himself until he saw Reflecto Girl in action and liked what he saw: a vegan superhero.

He wanted to help.

Since Reflecto Girl does not have super strength or super speed, it was not always easy for her to get close to the person she was trying to reflect, so it quickly became apparent to George that she needed someone to create diversions, distractions or delays. This was something he could do. This was something he’d be good at. Simply keep the attention on himself long enough for Reflecto Girl to reach her target. In some circumstances it was risky, that was true, he might attract the kind of attention that was bad for his health. But Reflecto Girl wouldn’t let any harm come to him. He was confident of that.

George became Reflecto Girl’s vegan sidekick, Distracto Boy – of course he did!

DISTRACTO BOY Character Facts:


Confidence, sense of humour, quick wit

First Appearance:

In 2013 episode 3 of Reflecto Girl by Violet’s Vegan Comics

Alias/Alter Ego:

George Kite



Base of Operations:


Related Characters:

Reflecto Girl

Favourite Chocolate:

Doisy & Dam Chocolate Peanut D&Ds

Vegan Comicbooks:

Reflecto Girl: Beginnings (#1 to #4)

Reflecto Girl #5 & #6: Sidekick & Harsh But Fair

Reflecto Girl #7: Incidental

Available from:

Little Chicken


Violet’s Vegan Comics creates funny, enlightening and sometimes action packed vegan children’s books for readers of all ages.

Established 2012

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