Venus Aqueous

Venus Acton was the best swimmer in school. A swim team champion, she loved competing with her teammates against other schools. What she loved even more was wild swimming in the sea. At every opportunity she would go out to sea with her dad in his little boat, strap on her oxygen tank and dive, dive, dive.

On one such occasion she was deafened by the underwater explosion of a WWII mine, five miles away. Unable to hear anything, she went miserably home to bed. However, the following morning, not only could she hear again, her hearing was better than ever. She had developed the supernatural ability to hear and understand marine animals.

Forget the swim team, from that point on, Venus’s time was filled with cleaning up the sea and answering desperate calls from the animals who call it home. Thanks to mankind’s carelessness, selfishness and continuous violence to their kind, those marine animals really need her help.

But Venus Aqueous, vegan superhero, brave, strong and ever compassionate, is not always appreciated. Her arch nemesis, Katie, not so much a thorn in her side as a stone in her shoe, will not forgive a perceived betrayal, and the teachers at school are not her biggest fans for the same reason. New friends, Jean and Adi, however, with compassion and determination in their hearts, can always be relied upon to help when help is needed, even if it means trouble for them all.

Venus Aqueous Character Facts:


Venus is a champion swimmer with the supernatural power to hear and understand marine animals.

First Appearance:

In 2012 in a homemade comic called Jasmine by Violet’s Vegan Comics

Alias/Alter Ego:

Venus Acton



Base of Operations:


Related Characters:

Jean, Adi, Katie

Favourite Food:

Mum’s homemade vegan pizza

Vegan Comicbooks:

Venus Aqueous: Beginnings (#1 to #4)

Venus Aqueous #5: Prison Break

Available from:

Little Chicken


Violet’s Vegan Comics creates funny, enlightening and sometimes action packed vegan children’s books for readers of all ages.

Established 2012



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